How to Maintain Your Electric Garage Door

Electric Garage Door

Are you wondering how to maintain your electric garage door?  Electric garage doors are for some a luxury, and for others a necessity. Regardless how you view your electric garage door, there’s no doubt that sitting in your car and pushing a button to open the garage is easier then getting out and manually opening the door. There are some regular maintenance that should be performed to maintain your electric garage door. Harry Jr’s Garage Doors offers maintenance plans in Stockton, Lodi, Manteca and surrounding cities.

Your Electric Garage Door Opener has what you call travel limits. It controls how far up and door your garage door will go.  If your force gets out of whack your garage door won’t open and close like it should.  Weather extremes affect how the door moves.   Check travel limits and force each month. Freezing-cold weather thickens the oil in the electric garage door opener motor and on the rollers, causing the door to reverse because it thinks it has hit something. Heat and humidity also can affect the electronics in the opener, and you might notice the door not closing.

Safety reversal system-

The safety reversal system on a garage door opener automatically reverses the door if a person, animal or object is under the door. Check the downward force before doing the safety reversal test to avoid damaging the garage door.

Check chain drive tension-

If you have a electric chain drive garage door opener it is a good idea to check the chain tension twice a year. The chain should be about 1/4-inch above the base of the rail at the rail’s midpoint. Adjust the tension following instructions in  your electric garage door opener manual. Which can also be downloaded off the manufacturers website.

From your friends and professionals at Harry Jr’s Garage Doors, your number 1 experts in garage doors and garage repair, we look forward to working with you to add this improvement to your home. We service all of Valley Springs,  Lodi, Stockton, Manteca and all surrounding cities.