Keeping your garage door in working condition

Garage doors, just like everything else, have wear and tear and need to occasionally be maintained. Before your garage door stops working, there are steps you can take to keep your garage door working smoothly for as long as possible.

Keep in mind that a broken garage door can potentially be a very dangerous thing. It is a large, heavy item connected to tension springs and can cause serious injury. So if anything looks like it might have affected the operation of your garage door, such as a car hitting it, have a professional come and take a look to make sure that it is operating properly. Accidents are beyond maintenance work.

Maintenance can keep your overhead door from sticking, falling off track, or locking and extend the life of your door.

Before doing anything, always unplug your opener to prevent activation of your door. Clamping locking pliers on the roller tracks just below your roller is a safety measure to prevent the door from accidentally rolling down onto you. Releasing the tension from a door spring when removing lift cables will help prevent accidents too. Do not touch the torsion springs as only professionals should work on this part!

1. The first thing to do during a preventive maintenance check is to make a visual inspection. Look for anything that looks rusty, loose, uneven, not level or broken in your hinges, cables, tracks, roller wheels or springs. If there is excessive rust or a broken piece, make sure that these are replaced. If you do not have the know-how or have the proper tools, call a professional.

2. The next step in preventive maintenance is to lubricate the opener screw or chain and torsion and extension springs. This provides a smoother operation and prevents some corrosion.

3. Check the weather seal on the bottom of your door for brittleness or any kind of wear. A good seal will protect the contents of your garage as well as keep the garage door working properly.

4. Check and verify that your auto-reversal system on your garage door is working. This is a very important step in making sure of the safety of your automatic garage door system. Make sure the doorway is not blocked and that if the door uses an infrared system that it is operating properly.

5. Test the force of your door by holding the bottom as it closes. It should stop and reverse quickly. If it doesn’t, it needs adjusting.
Checking your garage door on an annual preventive maintenance schedule will keep your garage door operating longer while ensuring its safety.